How can parents foster their children’s autonomy while adapting to a multicultural and multilingual environment?

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Parents of Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and Cross-Cultural Kids (CCKs), are you exploring ways to help your children adapt to different cultures while also fostering their autonomy?

Do you face challenges in balancing these aspects in home schooling and choosing schools?

Accepting cultural differences and adapting flexibly to new environments is essential for TCKs and CCKs.



As a parent, you naturally want your children to understand and appreciate your cultural values.

From my own experience, I wanted my child to succeed in a private elementary school and even enrolled them in early education programs.

However, due to insufficient preparation and the content being too advanced or unaligned with my child’s capabilities and interests, my child ended up disliking the learning experience at these education centers.


From this setback, I learned the importance of providing an environment where my child could feel secure and learn at their own pace.

According to John Bowlby’s Attachment Theory, a stable attachment relationship supports children’s sense of security and enhances their adaptability to change.

Moreover, integrating ‘relatedness’ from Edward Deci and Richard Ryan’s Self-Determination Theory enables children to take responsibility for their choices and boosts their motivation to engage in activities that interest them.

Self-Determination Theory identifies three fundamental psychological needs that play a crucial role in intrinsic motivation and behavior: autonomy, competence, and relatedness.

‘Relatedness’ involves forming healthy relationships that support one’s own decisions, enhancing connection and a sense of belonging with others.



To ensure TCKs and CCKs can adapt to multicultural environments without losing their autonomy, balancing attachment and self-determination is key.

When children feel their choices are respected and supported, they can confidently navigate and transcend cultural barriers.

If your child is struggling with school life or home studies, please consider consulting with us at Ōkurayama Counseling. Let’s work together to find the best solutions.



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