Care for Parents and Marital Relationships in Multilingual and Multicultural Families

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Are you experiencing challenges with parenting and family life in a new country and cultural environment?”

Living abroad offers exciting opportunities, but differences in culture and language barriers can introduce new challenges to family relationships, especially affecting parental roles and communication between spouses.

Isolation Felt at My Wife’s Family Home

Personally, during my time in Southeast Asia, I felt isolated and that my role as a parent was diminishing.

It was challenging to impart Japanese values and customs to my children in what felt like an away game environment.

Although I was supported by maids, my wife’s mother, and many relatives and friends, this dependency on family support often left me with fewer opportunities to play an educational role, leading to feelings of isolation.


Methods of Care

To address these challenges, it’s crucial to engage in personal care by participating in communities or through hobbies and shared interests to relieve stress and provide a platform for self-expression.

Such interactions can deepen your understanding of new cultures and create meaningful connections with others, reminding you that you are not alone.

Additionally, caring for marital relationships through couple’s therapy or counseling, and setting aside time just for the two of you, helps share and understand each other’s needs and expectations.


Circular Causality

From the perspective of family therapy, Gregory Bateson’s concept of “circular system of causation” illustrates that problems within a family do not stem from a single cause but are the result of mutual influence.

This understanding can be applied to conflicts within multilingual and multicultural families, allowing for a multidimensional approach to problem-solving.

Starting with small changes in family dynamics can have a ripple effect, improving the overall family atmosphere.



Furthermore, Kristin Neff’s concept of “self-compassion” emphasizes enhancing mental resilience and stress tolerance through self-understanding and kindness.

Instead of harshly judging oneself, nurturing self-compassion can lead to new insights and progress.



At Okurayama Counseling, we assist you and your family in facing these challenges and finding solutions.

We provide support to help you lead a healthier and more satisfying family life together.

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